I'd like to extend a huge welcome to mói as my latest sponsor. They're an Icelandic kids fashion brand who's inspiration comes from all things nature. Their products are responsible, ethical and organic (goes without saying from such a fantastic brand), their pieces mix and match beautifully and can be used by boys and girls.

Some words from mói:

"Coming form the land of ice and fire, mói proudly launches their spring summer collection for 2017. Known for their raven prints, mói now approaches their core ethnic relationship with nature by embracing the colours of the Icelandic wilderness"

I've been using mói clothes for Felix for around a year now (so way before this collaboration) and let me tell you they are absolutely fantastic. The quality is amazing (seriously you can wash a million times and they won't lose their colour or shape - at all!) and I love the designs. I am genuinely excited that they have come onboard here as a sponsor.

Shop the delicious collection here.

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