A beautiful home for you all this afternoon. It's the home of Daniella Witte, photographer and interior stylist extraordinaire :) She teamed together with local interior stylist Emma Persson Lagaberg and they created this. Pretty great don't you think?

Images: Daniella Witte via, with thanks.


Good morning and happy Monday! I know that many people hate Mondays. I actually love Mondays, It's my organising day.  I like to plan for the week ahead. I'll set a few goals (which normally includes eating healthily which last until Wednesday or Thursday when I'll give in to a cake or brunch out or similar) I'll fill and organise my diary. I'll clean the apartment inside out. I'll change the bedlinen, I'll book my exercise classes, I'll get new flowers, I'll wash about five loads of washing, I'll spend the next few hours at my desk catching up on emails and admin and then I'll have a relaxing evening with my two men. Life doesn't get much better than that.

Some lovely table-top still-life shots from a favourite blog, with thanks.


This apartment is for sale in one of Gothenberg's emerging neighbourhoods Majorna.  I mean this apartment couldn't be more Scandi if it tried. I love the details and it's quite nice to post something so quintessentially Swedish.

Images: via with thanks.


I've just ordered one of these for Felix and I can't wait to see it. The Stockholm based Birth Poster company have created this amazing concept whereby you can have an illustration drawn of your baby at scale 1:1 (which is  obviously actual size.) They offer the artwork in 6 different drawings, whether it be a line drawing or a rough sketch and there are two positions that you can choose from.  You then have all your baby's information at the bottom of the drawing; you can choose the measurement/weight units and you can also choose the language.  I absolutely love the concept, it's just beautiful and what a special thing; to have a reminder of how little that baby was when he/she was born. You can create the poster online, so you can see exactly how it will look before it goes on your wall. Just amazing.

Illustrations: Evelina Westman
Visit their shop: The Birth Poster
Visit their Facebook and Instagram


Just arriving in store now.  The world rug by OYOY.  We sold so many before they even arrived!  For each rug sold, a donation is made to WWF, specifically to preserve the habitat of Polar Bears. I love everything about this product. Seriously.

Shop here


I love the lines of the new Prime series by Norm Architects. I am a fan of the old traditional tubs, however I would probably always go for a modern one. This design ticks both boxes for me.

Some words on the design from Norm: "Prime includes two bathtubs and a sink design that is a contemporary interpretation of the antique tubs. The soft outer shape of all the items is inspired by how the pressure of water shapes an elastic material like e.g. a filled water balloon".

Images: Norm Architects with thanks.


It may be a little late in the day to show these AW '16 shots from Ferm, but I thought they were so nice that I wanted to post them. They actually have a really fresh new year feel to them don't you think?

So how is your new year going? Are you keeping up with your goals and intentions? Or maybe you're not and that's cool :) All is great here. Life is as busy as always, we're the middle of buying a house so stress levels may be higher than normal!  But, we've settled into a comfortable routine now we're back in the UK and it's actually really nice. Is there such a thing as too much travelling and moving around? Yes! Home is my favourite place in the world (wherever home may be).

Images: Ferm Living via Petit and Small with thanks.


It's pretty gorgeous.

Available at my store Story North


Ready for some fresh new stories? Well here you go. Beautiful new products and styling from Menu's SS 17 collection.  Love the mid-century vibe they have going on. What's not to love about these pieces? That vase *sigh* is on my wish list :)

Images: Menu, via with thanks.


Here's to a happy and healthy new year!

So the festivities are over and as always I have this overwhelming need to start afresh, get more organised and set more goals. Albeit repetative, it's a pivotal part of the year for me as it forces a mini cleanse of everything around me. Clearing the house,  relocating Felix's surplus toys (and half my wardrobe) to the charity pile, reorganising drawers and kitchen cupboards; the list goes on. I move forward into the new year with a fresh approach, excited about the months ahead. New house (keep those fingers crossed for me), travel and seeing my baby bear grow some more. This is going to be a good one ;)

Image: The Brown paper Movement, via Scandinavia Standard.


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