Absolutely one of my favourite sponsors - Ooh Noo - their products and styling shots are just beautiful and here are a few of their latest photos. Hop over to their shop - I promise you won't be able to leave with out buying something - It's just not possible! Visit their blog here, their Instagram here and their Facebook page here.


Some pale and frosty mono shots for you today.

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Hop over to Made Modern to check out their fantastic collection. I LOVE this store, their range is HUGE and they ship everything (in the UK) over £75 for free. International readers, if you see something you can't live with out, you can email them to ask about shipping rates to your county.

It did not take me long to make a wish list - how long will it take you?

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It's undoubtably one of my stores best sellers. I still love it as much as ever and take pleasure in wrapping every one and sending it to it's new home.  I have a large Cross blanket on my sofa, a mini one in my baby's pram and our cat even has one of our very old ones from years ago. Where do you have yours? Or where do you want yours?!?

Click here to shop the full collection.


Hey and sorry it is a few hours late. The winner of the Restyle print who is Urska Vapetic from Slovenia.  She wanted the canvas to "tell" her were it should be hanged. Urska, email me with your details.  Thanks everyone else for entering.


ReStyleGraphic are a long term sponsor of mine. They create fantastic prints and as you can see above, many of the graphics are inspired by Scandinavian designers and their iconic work. They also produce some really lovely kids/nursery prints. The story behind the prints? Here it is:

"Viki Yakubouskaya is a self-taught illustrator, living in Belarus. In 39 years, she left her economic career and and decided to realize her dream to be an illustrator. Currently, she is working on her store, where you can find giclee art prints and home decor items, inspired by projects of famous Scandinavian designers such as Arne Jacobsen, Stig Lindberg and others, as well as a number of decorative prints for the children's rooms. Viki writes a blog about her artworks, a useful tips for art lovers and also offers a free guide for beginners “How to buy wall art and not go broke.”

To celebrate the winter/festive season, ReStyleGraphic are hosting a giveaway on here on Lovenordic.  For a chance to win a canvas print (above) please tell me here in the comments field, where you would hang your lovely canvas. You will also get bonus points is you hop over to their Facebook page and give them a like :) The giveaway will be open for a week and I will announce the winner on Monday 21st November. 


Motherhood. It's a special, challenging and truly magical time. The hours that I spend with my baby boy are so precious and I really struggle when he's not with me. I enjoy my own time and I have to work, but putting him into day care feels so alien and unnatural to me despite how wonderful the setting. I miss him and feel half of me is missing. But I know he needs it and he thrives there. He loves being with other kids and being out in the nature all day, building sticks and playing with mud. I am always so excited to collect him from day-care and often James and I are racing to get to the door first.  So I have to grin and bear it, I have to know that we are helping him to grow into a confident and sociable little boy. Felix darling, I love you. Thank you for completing my world.

Images: Rose and Cabbage


It's always been in the plan to have a summer/winter cabin (one day). Our everyday life is so crazy and laden with technology that a place where we can just do nothing but be absorbed in nature is frequently called for. Ours will probably be in Iceland, but many Scandinavian destinations inspire me and this place in Norway is no exception. Meditation (something I'm exploring) + nature = A relaxed and happy me.

What do you to take time out?

Images: Kolman Boye Architects


Apothecary hand lotion by Frama Studio


Sno (Snow), Skog (Forest) and Jul (Christmas) are the three winter scents that have just arrived at Story North. They are absolutely wonderful to have burning (morning, noon and night in my house) and make a beautiful christmas gift for someone - or even a lovely dinner party gift. Here are some inspiring images from Skandinavisk's lovely cosy Instagram.

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I'm always eager to see Zara Mini's latest look-book, and Winter '16 is as cute as always. Hop over here to see their entire look-book. 

Images: Zara 
Styling: April and May
Photography: Wendy van Woudenber


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