I see so many inspiring things on Instagram and thought it would be fun to share a snap shot of some of my favourite Instagramers. I LOVE this one (ha ha, most of my favourites involve food) - Alison-Wu is a food prop and wardrobe stylist from Oregon.  Alison I love your work :)

Images: Alison_Wu Instagram


A thing of beauty.

Available at my lovely little store - Story North.


I spotted this stunning apartment over here the other day and simply had to share here.  This amazing place is situated right on the central square in Berlin.  It's 16 foot high ceilings and wonderful details provided a perfect canvas for Emmanuels collection of mid century furniture and beautiful art.  I'm not a carpet kinda gal - but that white carpet in the living space looks so cosy!

Photography: Via, by the amazing Manolo Yllera 


I would like to extend a warm welcome to my newest sponsor! Made Modern only opened their online store in the spring of 2015, but already I can see that is made of great things. They offer a beautifully curated selection of less known names, often offering products that are new to the UK. They also offer some of the classic Scandinavian brands. Hop over and take a look. I promise, you won't be disappointed :)

Image: Deer Shelf (small) by BEdesign


I think this is my favourite colour-way of the Cross blanket by Pia Wallen.  Delicious.

We actually have large and mini in stock now. Seriously, this is rare.

Image: Story North


The days are passing so quickly and before we know it, it will be autumn (which I love by-the-way), but I also love the last lazy weeks of summer. So with this in mind I wanted to share the summer to-do list that I've been kind of doing, but not with any focus. So here you go. What are your must-do things for the summer?

1. Swim in the sea
2. BBQ on the beach
3. Eat tacos and drink margaritas while the sun sets
4. Lay on the ground and look at the stars
5. Make ice-cream
6. Picnic in the forest
7. Take a day time nap with the window open and feel the breeze
8. Watch a play in an open air theatre
9. Pick wildflowers and blueberries (Iceland)
10.Walk barefoot through the grass

Images: 1 | 2 | 3 | 4


Can I be in love with a water bottle? Absolutely.  Using plastic food and drinks containers with regard to our health has been such a hot topic lately. It's something I'm really conscious of and I try to steer clear of plastic as much as possible. I use these for baby bear, which I love, but the BKR Water Bottle is just perfect for me.

Images: MYBKR


Beautiful work by Claykat Ceramics.

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