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Wow it's here. 2016. It's just unbelievable, how time passes.  So Happy New Year lovely readers! Did you have a good holiday break? Mine was just lovely. Lots of family and friend time - just perfect :)

I'm not going to write a long list of new years resolutions, because throughout the year I'm always trying to improve, be more efficient, get fitter, perfect everything a little more! The list goes on.....  But one of my aims is to post more often. My blog takes a hit when I have lots going on (evident in this past advent giveaway). Now is one of those times as the shop is really busy and I am working on a couple of interior projects. It's all good and I am very lucky, but my blog is such a major part of my personal and professional life, that I have to give it some love! So lovely people, thanks for sticking by whilst the posting has been sparse. I endeavour to serve you better!

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