I absolutely adore this paining by Mia Linnman. It just feels so alive.

Happy Friday lovely people!

Image: The Frisky One, by Mia Linnman


A dark treat for you all on this lovely monday afternoon. Not that I'm feeling dark at all - actually quite the opposite. Yep I'm feeling more in control than I have for a long time. We have finally moved into our new place, back on the south coast of England (100 meters from the beach). I've set up the house (more or less) and my office (more or less). We have a new nanny and Felix is signed up for a couple of days of nursery (eek!), so I can officially now work. Thank goodness - it will no longer be a balancing act of trying to squeeze in an email or two whilst he's napping.... as we all know it's impossible to try and do anything when they are around. I wouldn't have it any other way - spending time with him is so amazing and precious - I love every second of it. However I need to be someone else too. Now I am both :)

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I just love everything over on this fabulous webshop. Rowdy Roddy Vintage is my newest sponsor and I am so happy that they've come on board. They have curated a fantastic, eclectic collection and my goodness they have SO many christmas pressie ideas! Hop over now to take a look!

Welcome guys!

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Spotted this gorgeous image the other day - I love that Tipi (Felix has a similar one) and of course the Cross blanket is a beautiful addition (that's the large one....).  Pia Wallens Cross blankets are selling as well as ever and we have new stock in for the festive season when it all goes a bit crazy!

Pia Wallen Cross Blanket - Available at Story North with fixed price shipping worldwide.


I love the fine details of this house, a personal gallery of Katrine and Jakon  specifically designed with their children in mind. Black, white, natural materials, personal artwork, a bit of glamour and plenty of books - my kind of interior ;)

Images: Christoffer Regild, via Bo Bedre No

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