Time for a giveaway I think :) My online store, Story North is giving away a large Pia Wallen Cross blanket in Black and White. To enter, please hop over to my store and tell me your wish list by commenting on this post. I will pick a winner at random 2 weeks from now. Good luck lovely readers, and happy weekend!


  1. I love all those brands you have in your store. But most favorites are wooden animals, Pia Wallen products and I "Love My Home Chopping Board" is soooo cute too :)

  2. Wish list!
    - Kebnekaise Pouf
    - Skandinavisk 100 Hour Candle
    - Reflect Sideboard by Muuto

    And the #1 thing I love is the Pia Wallén blanket! So hope to win! XD

  3. Anna N.08:48

    Definitely the one you give away ;-) Best wishes, Anna

  4. I have dreamed about Pia Wallen planket for a while now.. So first thing on my wish list would be it. Second thing would be black DAW Chair By Vitra.

  5. Beautiful stuff! My favourite is the Adaptable Table by Muuto, It would fit perfect in our kitchen. I also just love the Muuto wood lamp as well as the Kubus 8 :)

  6. Hi!

    Must say you have all my favourites in your shop. And there is quite a lot on my wishlist from it, like Eames bird by Vitra, Corky by Muuto, Kubus 4 by Lassen & POV candle holder by Menu. But my all time favourite is Pia Wallen's cross blanket I'm in love with it since I saw it. (: So fingers crossed for next two weeks.

  7. Beautiful shop and a beautiful blog! I love the candle holder by iitalia and the cross blanket by Pia Wallen. I hope I win the blanket, it will look so nice on my couch!

  8. Kay Bojesen Hippo and Greenlandic Boy Cushion are both on my wish list! <3

  9. Oooh, so many lovely things! My favorite thing is the cross blanket! I also love the wooden bear. Thanks for the opportunity!

  10. The blanket has always been my favorite but I also love the Helbak dot little pitcher.

  11. Everything in your shop is so lovely! But if I could only get a few things, I would choose:

    1. Pia Wallen Cross Blanket
    2. RAR Rocker by Vitra in mauve grey
    3. Stacking Shelf by Muuto
    4. Skandinavisk Koto Candle
    5. Kubus 4

  12. Anonymous14:32

    Hello! Wonderful blog! Aside from the Pia Wallen blanket, I especially love the adaptable table, all the Vitra chairs, Kobus Bowl and Menu carafe! Much success with your online shop!

  13. Wish List:

    Muuto Dots
    Kay Bojesen Wooden Monkey
    Kay Bojesen Wooden Rocking Horse
    Architect Made BIRDs
    Kahler Omaggio Vase

  14. Everything! But the priorities would be:
    1/ Menu Salt & Pepper
    2/ Kay Bojesen Monkey
    3/ Kubus 4
    4/ Kubus Bowl
    5/ Norm Milk Lamp

  15. My wish list would include:

    Twist a Twill Blanket
    Adaptable Table by Muuto


  16. Anonymous18:07

    Beautiful is everything but my favourite is chairs by Vitra and cross blanket Pia Wallen!

  17. Hi. There are so many beautiful things in the shop!
    My wishlist-shortlist includes:
    - OYOY Tippetop Hooks
    - Menu Norm Water Carafe with Cork Lid
    - Norm Salt and Pepper Grinder
    - Wood Lamp by Muuto
    - Dala horse
    and, surprisingly, Pia Wallen Large Cross Blanket :)

  18. Anonymous18:48

    Oh my, I love so many things in the shop! My ultimate wish list would be:

    1. Kubus Bowl
    2. Norm Salt and Pepper Grinders
    3. Koto Candle by Skandinavisk

    .....and so much more, including the Cross blanket of course!

  19. There are so many delightful items in your shop. I would have to choose:
    1.Koto Candle by Skandinavisk
    3.Kebnekaise Pouf

  20. I love the Norm Salt & Pepper grinders! Beautiful design

  21. Hello!
    My wish list:
    Eames house bird
    Muuto dots
    Pia's cross blankett .....


  22. Hello!
    My wish list:
    Eames house bird
    Muuto dots
    Pia's cross blankett .....

  23. Anonymous20:04

    My wish list is short. I love it! (and the Cross blanket :)
    RAR Rocker By Vitra

  24. Muuto dots in natural and DAW Chair By Vitra but can't decide in what colour :)

  25. Love the shop!
    Wishlist: cubus 8 and cross blanket.

  26. Animal Bed Linen by nord for my sons:)
    PS Thank you for your blog and constant inspiration.

  27. Anonymous01:58

    i would love to have :
    1. the l'oiseau by vitra
    2.i love my home chopping board
    3.twist a twill blanket

  28. Well, aside from this Pia Wallen blanket:
    Muuto Reflect Sideboard
    Muuto Wood Lamp
    by nord Branch Cushion
    Menu POV Candle Holder
    and I cannot resist the Woof Print! It would make me laugh each time I looked at it!

  29. I don't know if my last post went through :\

    love the nappula candle holder, the pia wallen blanket and any of the menu candleholders!!!

  30. - Menu POV Candle Holder
    - a family of three different sized BIRDs
    - Corky by Muuto set
    - Kay Bojesen Hippo
    - Little Joseph candle head
    - Kubus 4 in black
    - Kay Bojesen Wooden Bear
    - Kubus Bowl in black
    - Kay Bojesen Wooden Monkey
    - Wood Lamp by Muuto
    - Miffy lamp
    - Norm Milk Lamp
    - Kay Bojesen Wooden Elephant
    - Pia Wallen cross blanket ;)

    You've been one of my dream webstores for over a year now. I honestly want everything I don't already have hahaha This would be such a dream win for me too.

  31. The Kubus Bowl and the Kay Bojesen Hippo are my favorites and of course the Cross blanket. Pure and stylish, just the way I love it.
    Lovely hugs and a wonderful Sunday

  32. Your shop is truly lovely! For my son's room I would love to have the Eames Hang it all by Vitra and for me the Elevated Vase by Muuto is my favorite.
    Have a nice weekend!

  33. I've been eyeing the Pia Wallen blanket for years now, as well as Miffy! Every product in your shop is just lovely, though!

  34. Anonymous15:41

    Wish list = Flow Jug, Corky, and the Cross Blanket! Simple and beautiful. I'm a big fan of functional design generally, and all your goods fall in that category.

  35. Anonymous15:46

    On my wishlist would be BIRDs and Miffy lamp. Its just so cute!
    And of course cross planket.

  36. Love the Eames elephant (so cute!) and the wood lamp. Such unique designs. But seriously everything on your site is absolutely beautiful.

  37. I would LOVE to win this blanket, I've had my eye on it for I don't know how long! Thank you for this FAB give-away! I also love the BIRDS ( - a real Danish classic :) /Niki

  38. I love everything. My favorite is the Pia Wallen cross blanket in the giveaway and the Kubus bowl. Thanks for the chance to win.

  39. Anonymous22:18

    In your shop I like everything, and this is my list of favorites to Muuto Corky, Tray Cross Pia Wallen, Norm Milk Wood Lamps and Lamp by Muuto.
    Regards, Marta

  40. - Twist a Twill Blanket
    - DSW Chair By Vitra
    - Kokeshi

  41. Love the Pia Wallen blanket and the "See Ya" print!

  42. I have been dying to get a Pia Wallen cross blanket forever! And the timing is perfect, just as we go into winter in Australia... My other must-have from your site is the Norm salt and pepper grinders - they always look so good in people's pics!

  43. My wishlist would include:
    Pia Wallen blanket and Kubus 4

  44. I love sooo many things! Example:
    Norm Salt and Pepper Grinder
    Twist a Twill Blanket
    Stacking Shelf by Muuto

    katch05 at gmail dot com

  45. Lara15:06

    The Kubus Bowl (white) is my favorite and of course the Cross blanket and ......... :-)
    I could buy every second piece.
    Thx for this lovely Giveaway.
    xxx, Lara


  46. Well, my wish list is looooong, but the top three are the Norm Salt and Pepper Grinder, the Kay Kay Bojesen Hippo and the Qubus Shrine. All so so pretty.


  47. My wislhkist is: a la chaise, some oyoy hooks and a twist blanket

  48. The Eames house bird has been on my wish list for ages :)

  49. I honestly love all the things you have for sale! My wish, however, is that I might win this wonderful blanket! So hygge!

  50. I am waiting my first baby, so one of my wish is.Kay Bojesen Wooden Elephant. Would be nice to see on the play shelf.

    And also as we are renovating our future flat: I love my Home Chopping Board, just would be perfect in our kitchen.

  51. waiting for my first baby, one of my wish is a Kay Bojesen Wooden Elephant, would be nice to see on the play shelf..

    also we are renovating our new flat, the I Love My Home Chopping Board would be just perfect in the kitchen!

  52. Muuto Reflect Sideboard, the Eames House Bird by Vitra, the Qubus Shrine... pretty much everything!

  53. I've been enjoying your blog for a long time and I'm getting greedy watching your webshop :)

    My wishlist:
    - Pia Wallen Large Cross blanket and the Mini for my cats (I do have a little one and both my cats love it!)
    - Butterfly stool
    - Flow jug
    - Kaj Bojesen Wooden Monkey
    - Pia Wallen Dot Pot Mat
    - Kubus Bowl
    - Muuto Elevated Vase

  54. my wishlist: Kebnekaise Pouf, See Ya Print , Norm Salt and Pepper Grinder - love them!


  55. I have had the Lassen Kubus 4 on my wishlist forever. Now it's joined by the OYOY Tippetop hooks, the Cross tray, the BIRDs, and the I Love My Home chopping board. How could I not have visited your shop before? It's lovely, and I'll certainly be purchasing from you in the future!

  56. My wishlist: Norm Salt and Pepper Grinder and Kubus 4 candlestick, love it!

  57. I've been pining after BIRDs, the Menu Norm Water Carafe, and the Kay Bojesen Hippo. But pretty much everything in your store, I'll take! :)


  58. Love love love!

    My wishlist -

    Greenlandic Boy Cushion
    Pia Wallen Cross Form in Black and White



  59. Little joseph because I've loved him since I first laid eyes on him oh and the monkey to keep him company!

  60. Karolina16:25

    My wish list would include:
    This beautiful Pia Wallen cross blanket black in both sizes for me and my baby :)
    Kubus 4
    Eames house bird
    I absolutely love Skandi design xxx

  61. I need a a new pepper grinder, so top of my list would be the Norm Salt and Pepper Grinder in the Nudes!

  62. Anonymous17:25

    it's my favorite!!

  63. Oh yes, i'd like to win this beautyful blanket. Love ingrid

  64. Nice giveaway!
    Here's my wishlist : the DAR Chair and the White Panton Junior chair by Vitra, the Norm Salt and Pepper Grinder in ash/carbon and the KiBiSi Turn Around Juicer!

  65. Ooooh, so many lovely things! I have my eye on the kubus bowl and the twist a twill blanket.

  66. I love the pia wallen blanket and the nord bed linen.

  67. Oh, I'd love to win Cross Blanket. It's one of my favourites. On my wishlist as well are DAR-chair and Milk lamp. :)

    Liina / Villa Ilona

  68. My wishlist: the kubus 4 candlestick, an eames housebird and of Courage this blanket! <3

  69. Norm salt and pepper grinder, Birds, and the blanket.

  70. Elli21:26

    Rar rocker and birch cushion

  71. How did I miss this?? Too many things from your shop dear, the skandinavisk KOTO , pias blankets and trays,menu mirror, muuto elevated vase! I think if I continue I will name every single item :)


  72. very generous giveaway :-)

    My absolutely favorite thigs from your shop Milk lamp from &tradition and DAW Chair By Vitra.

  73. I'm a sucker for all things wooden. I love the elephant, birds and hippo! oh and the elf.
    Super cool blanket!

  74. Cushions by nord top of my list!!!

  75. Love the cross blanket, Hygge candel and Norm salt an pepper grinders!

  76. There are so many beautiful things it's hard to choose. I love love love the Adaptable table by Muuto and think the Norm salt and pepper grinders would look beautiful sitting on top x

  77. Anonymous08:27

    Oh what a amazing giweaway! My own wishlist contains the Cross blanket, salt and pepper grinders by Muuto, Cubus bowl and the DSR chairs.

    Annina, annina.heikkila (a)

  78. Anonymous08:34

    Ohhh, I feel like a little kid in a candy store!
    My top 3 is:
    1. Pia Wallen Cross Blanket
    2. Kebnekaise Pouf
    3. Kay Bojesen Wooden Monkey
    And I really can't choose between the Skandinavisk 100 Hour Candle and the Skandinavisk Koto Candle.
    Oh and don't tell anyone... I secretly like Little Joseph.
    Regards, Tamara

  79. What a lovely blanket, ik would love to sleep under it,
    have a very nice sunday,
    (the Netherlands)

  80. Anonymous10:23

    The muuto Adaptable table.. LOVE

  81. Anonymous10:26

    So many beautiful things! Along with the Pia Wallen Cross Blanket I adore the Norm Milk lamp and the Dala Horses

  82. My wish list for your shop

    love this chair ( better than my wheelchair)

    Dow Chair Vitra and Rar Rocken by Vitra
    the Candle from KOTO

    and the blanket

    wrap it and sent it to Bavaria ( dreaming of a new room)

    thanks for your great Blog love it


  83. Anonymous10:45

    Hello, I have been in love with this fabulous Pia Wallen Cross blanket for such a long time, and so many other items. Let's cross our fingers and good luck to all !

  84. Ally Watkins11:05

    I absolutely LOVE the Norm Milk Lamp!!!

  85. Anonymous11:12

    Can I say everything? I guess my favorites would be the Raven, the Kay Bojesen Monkey and the Cross blanket of course! - Áslaug

  86. My wish list would be the chairs on your site because they are so modern and gorgeous. I love the blanket you are giving away.

    Teresa from Mama Muse Me

  87. how about 90% of the shop! but prioritizing to :-)
    1. Pia Wallen Cross Blanket
    2. OYOY Placemat (4)
    3.Kahler Omaggio Vase
    4.Pia Wallen Dot Pot Mat
    5.Nappula Candleholder by iittala

  88. Love so much! But top 3:
    1. wood lamp by Muuto
    2. Kebnekaise pouf
    3. butterfly stool by Vitra

  89. Anonymous16:48

    thank you for the opportunity!
    a few favorites from your shop are the classic la chaise by vitra, the pia cross blanket, the kay bojesen elephant, and the norm salt and pepper grinders. and i think the snake wardrobe is a really lovely and surprisingly elegant design solution.
    thanks again.

  90. I must say that I like all the things in your shop but if I have to choose one it would be Miffy light. Thank you for your giveaway.
    Regards, Mojca

  91. Anonymous01:32

    my wishlist includes:
    1.i love my home chopping board
    2.l'oiseau by vitra

  92. Anonymous07:46

    What a fabulous give-away - thank you! I would absolutely love a Miffy light for my little girls bedroom for reading time, so cute! Thank you for this great opportunity



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