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I found a minute whilst Felix sleeps to put out a quick post. My intention has been to post more but the time just whizzes past and before I know it another week has gone. I am trying to find the balance between working and being a mom. It's tough, but we will get there. I have learnt to resist the temptation to do a bit of work or squeeze in emails whilst with Felix - it just doesn't work. I have to set time aside for work, whilst he's sleeping or when we have some help around the house. We have been trying nursery this last few weeks, but have stopped it now as he wasn't enjoying it (still too young) and wow the bugs! We have all been sick with various things for three weeks. No thanks, I'll put that off for as long as possible. So right now he is sleeping outside in his pram, enjoying the cold, fresh air. I am sitting with a coffee and my laptop with a moment to myself. We will have a lovely day in the city walking around and grabbing a coffee with daddy. Life really is very good. Have a lovely day too and hopefully I will grace you with another post soon.

Love this apartment which I found over on Femina. I think I may have posted about it before (?!!!??), but hey, it's nice enough to mention again.

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