So it feels to me like this week really is the beginning of the new year.
Work has started properly and I feel like I'm back in the real world
which is really nice, as there is such as thing as too much relaxation!
Did you give yourself any new years resolutions?
Here are mine - time for some self discipline :)

To master the art of beautiful baking, I'm actually a pretty decent cook, but never really baked much...
More travelling, I've travelled a lot, but have not been any where new for a long time.
To work with plenty of time before deadlines to avoid panic (what can I say, I thrive on the pressure!)
To take a photography course (which I am going to blog about and show my progress... I hope!)
To see my family more - life is so busy at times.
To get to Iceland at least twice, spending most of that time in the nature.
To re-start and keep up with my piano lessons.
To give blood as often as I can.
Do some life drawing and sculpture classes - this has been something I've wanted to do for years
....and finally a boring one that's on every list I should imagine - stick to my gym workouts!

TELL ME YOURS!.................................



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