Here is an interview with Maike Timmermanndesigner and maker of 
amazing home accessories (available in my shopsuch as the "snake"
 wardrobe and "I love my home" chopping board....

{So relax, grab a coffee...or some wine... and enjoy}

S: What is your education/background?

M: My background is in architecture study and the love through
 art since I've been a little child.

S: Tell me some things that you love?

M: I love the timeless and classical even old design from past architecture, design and the way clothes are cut.

S: Tell me some things that you dislike?

M: Ignorant people, realists and dogmatism.

S: Where and how do you seek inspiration?

M: From everyday life, older times and the inspiration 
from visiting foreign countries.

S: What is the story behind your "snake" wardrobe?

M: I love all my clothes, I have a very special look since I've been
 a little child, my clothes are like jewellery for me,“snake” is a 
homage to them, a big necklace for all my loveliest clothes.
 I love the odour of natural wood in the home…
S: What did you have for breakfast this morning?

M: A large bowl of muesli, with banana, honey and cinnamon
..yum yum

S: What projects are you working on at the moment?

M: Some new project for kids and a new one for the kitchen..
more coming soon;-)

S: What is your favourite city?

M: Venice, Italy

S: How do you relax?

M: Meeting with friends and family, a glass of wine, a day on the sea,
 a taste of good cake, a work in the summer rain, reading magazines, 
creating new ideas, dreaming into the day….

 S: Name some of your favourite designers...

M: Bauhaus

S: Tell me about your workspace...

M: My workspace is at home, a perfect Symbiosis of private and 
business.  It's just perfect because all my lovely familiar feelings 
come through. Another pluspoint: I can work whenever I like…
after lunch, at night-time or on the weekend. 

S: What did you last buy for your home?

M: A little rocking chair from the flea-market ……..

S: The piece you love most from your collection is...

M: A.L.L. ♥

S: Finally Maike, if you weren't a designer, what would you be?

M: Being an architect / or designer has been my dream since I've been a 
little child…it is a recreation and a profession. There is no other desire!

"snake" wardrobe


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