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Today I am going to run through some beautiful
pieces that I can personally recommend :)

The Olympic Firebowl by Trip Trap 
I have one of these and I love it! 
We take it camping, to the beach and use it 
in our garden. This will last a life time.

Panton Chair by Verner Panton
We have these in our garden, around a nice wooden table.  
Beautiful timeless chair that again will last forever!

Ant Chair by Arne Jacobsen
I have 6 of these in dark stained oak.  
I absolutely love them - actually I love them more 
and more the longer I have them.

Vipp 15 Bin by Holger Neilsen
Officially the most beautiful bin in the world!
I have this one in my kitchen.
I would now never want anything else!
I love the white, but the black is beautiful too :)

I consider buying these pieces as an investment because
 truly they are pieces that can be handed down generations
and they will never lose their value or design classic status.


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