My beautiful, brave boy lost his fight to cancer last night
We are just devastated and cant believe that this little angel wont be in our lives anymore.
He was so strong and tried so hard to fight it and was still as happy and giving even in the last days of his life.
Sleep now without pain and confusion my beautiful boy.
and happy birthday today, you were born on this day only 11 short years ago.
We will always love you.

in our ♥ forever


While on the subject of food (my favourite subject, after all things design) I wanted to show you this very beautiful bakery.  It is located in San Pedro, Mexico and is distinctly non-mexican looking - I would have placed it in New York, London or Stockholm.  Irrespective of this, it is a beautiful, modern bakery and it has kept it's traditional ethos when it comes to serving traditional home-baked treats. Yum to the design and yum to the baked goodies :)



Pastry Boutique

Long has Tasmania been on my list of places to go.  Even more so now, as this garage has been made into a beautiful restaurant, who's design is simple, rustic, industrial - all those things which come together to make a stunning interior.  With the amount of love put into the styling of the place, I should imagine that the food is just great too :)


"Hygge" inspired restaurant in Tasmania

I saw this beautiful light on an old friends blog some time ago and fell in love with her.
Made with love in Holland with unbreakable, recyclable polyethylene
is now available at my shop :)



New in at Story North!

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