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Grab a yummy lunch at Madsens

Set Lunch: 2 courses - £14.95//3 courses - £ 19.95 

Marinated herring, your choice of main course, apple trifle

Creamy honey & mustard herring with crispy capers and rye bread

“Frikadeller” - Danish pork meatballs with creamy potato salad pickled cucumber 


“Stjerneskud” breaded filet of plaice on toast, topped with smoked salmon, Greenland prawns and Thousand Island dressing

(n) Apple trifle stewed apple and rosemary, Amaretti biscuit crumble and whipped cream

Smushi lunch - £ 9.50 

Smoked salmon with cucumber and homemade mayonnaise on sourdough bread 
Pink roast beef with remoulade sauce and horseradish on rye bread 
(v) Tomato, cottage cheese and crispy capers on rye bread

Vegetarian lunch - £13.50 

(v,n) Pumpkin soup - with pumpkin seeds and green parsley oi 

(v) Vegetarian “Pytt-i-panna” pan-fried cubes of vegetables topped with fried egg...

L O V E N O R D I C 

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