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Dinesen at Saatchi...

I was very happy to attend an event hosted by Dinesen at the Saatchi Gallery last night.  The theme was 'From Forest to Gallery', we had some talks from the Saatchi Gallery, the architects (Allford Hall Monaghan Morris) who created the design for the space and of course from Dinesen - who as you know (in my opinion) produce THE most beautiful floors in the world.  James and I have been saying for a long time, that as soon as we have our dream house....these will be the floors that we have.  I'm even more convinced now (if that was possible) as we were totally reassured when they spoke of millions of visitors walking over the floors - seriously it just looked brand new - no lacquer or coating was used, just a soap finishing.  So I would like to say thank you to Lisa at Dinesen for inviting me and also for her kind words about this blog :)

We also had a tour of the works; these were some of my favourites.....

John BaldessariBeethoven's Trumpet (With Ear) Opus # 1332007Resin, fibreglass, bronze, aluminium, and electronics

Kris MartinSummit, 2009Found stone, paper cross, ink

                                                  David Altmejd
                                         The Healers
     Wood, foam, plaster, burlap, metal wire, paint

......................l o v e n o r d i c

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