Another beautiful portfolio....

Today I am showing some very nice images from French photographer Yann Deret.  I especially LOVE that first image.  Enjoy!



I just love this!

Some information and images of this very nice product were sent over to me this morning from designer Ruth Vatcher.  Eat Play Grow is a growing table for young children, which encourages them to learn how to interact and grow food produce from a young age.  It was one of Ruth's final projects from her degree in product design.  Eat Play Grow is made from Oak, Felt and Ceramic - a very beautiful combination.

Eat Play Grow 



I just cant believe the atrocity of events in Norway.
My heartfelt thoughts go out to the people 
who are trying to deal with the aftermath, 
especially the friends and family of the loved 
ones that are suffering or were lost.

♥ THIS...

I've had this in my 'favourites pile' for a while....
just calm, serene and white.....

Image via French By Design


Recipe of the month.....

Make your own Crayfish party!


We recommend 500g of crayfish per diner. The crayfish is served cold and best enjoyed with new potatoes, mushroom quiche, Swedish cheese and herring if available. Do not forget the Akvavit.

Serves : 6
6 liter of water
1.5 liter Dark Ale
2 bundles of dill plus ekstra for garnish
125 gram of sea salt
50 gram caster sugar
2 tbsp whole pepper corn
1 sliced lemon
3 kg live crayfish


Cook the live crayfish the day before – discard any dead or unhealthy looking crayfish. Add all the ingredients, except the crayfish,  in a large pot and bring it to boil. Once boiling, add the live crayfish and return to boil. Boil for one minute, turn off the heat, and let it cool down. Place the crayfish with the water mixture (marinade) in fridge over night for it to get as much taste as possible. Serve chilled with a glass of beer and Akvavit.
Enjoy ! 


It's nearly Crayfish season!

I wanted to tell you about the history behind the crayfish party tradition...&...look out for the next post where Madsens will show you how to 'make your own'...coming shortly :)

Image: Green Kitchen Stories

Swedish Crayfish parties - Kräftskiva

Kräftskiva, or Crayfish Party, is a Swedish traditional summertime eating and drinking celebration. Crayfish parties are generally held during August and the celebrations are a vital part of Swedish summer, where dining is usually outdoors. Customary party accessories are comical paper hats, paper lanterns and bibs.

Crayfish have been eaten in Sweden since the 16th century. For a long while, only the aristocracy partook of these delicacies, but in the last 100 years, crayfish became a national delicacy and all Swedes began celebrating the occasion. In the mid-19th century, people started eating crayfish as they are eaten today. The very few who have private access, of course, catch their own crayfish. The little creatures are night animals, so fishing has to be done after dark. They are caught in wire traps and the bait is often rotten or raw fish. Crayfish must be alive when placed in the saucepan of boiling liquor.

A traditional Kräftskiva

The preparation of the crayfish involves the crayfish being boiled in salt water and seasoned with fresh dill — preferably “crown dill” harvested after the plant has flowered — then served cold and eaten with the fingers. Bread, mushroom pies, strong Västerbotten cheese, salads, and other dishes are served buffet-style. Akvavit and other kinds of snaps are served, as well as beer. At Madsen we stock two kinds of Aalborg Akavavit, as well as the Swedish OP Anderson and Skåne Akvavit.
You eat crayfish cold, with your fingers, and sucking noisily to extract the juices is perfectly acceptable behaviour!

From 20 August to 25 September 2011 Madesns will be celebrating the Swedish tradition.  Head Chef Esben has created an authentic Kräftskiva menu that is available for a minimum of 4 people. Please make sure to book your table 48 hours in advance, and let them know that you would like to book this menu.


Dill marinated crayfish (500g per person)

Handmade smoked salmon canapés

Swedish Västerbotten cheese
with homemade berry compote

Onion marinated herring
with house curry salad
New potatoes
Seasonal mushroom quiche (v)

A selection of freshly baked bread
as well as artisan crisp bread

£ 39.50 per person

* Best enjoyed with a shot of our O.P. Anderson or Skåne Akvavit, not to forget the refreshing Nils Oscar beer from Nyköping.

To reserve a table please call us on  020 7225 2772  or send an email to

.....and a special offer to Lovenordic readers...whoever books (and shows up!) a table of 10 for a crayfish party receives a free bottle of Champagne!



Amsterdam Apartment

I stumbled upon this amazing apartment over on Decor8.  It is the home of
Vosges Paris blog Desiree, who has created a fantastically unique, personal
 home that oozes timeless style.  Thanks for sharing Holly :)



Paper Sculpture

This paper sculpture by Susan Cutts is just incredible.  
The detail is just amazing. 
 Another favourite of mine on her website is 'Fairy Tail' see it here.

End-Paper 2010


Favn (Embrace)

What a great name for this sofa who's design seems to do just that.  Fritz Hansens latest addition was designed by Jaime Hayón


Natural Iceland....

I came across a beautiful photo stream by Mathieu Noel on Flickr the other day and here are some of the images.  I just love that black sand, it conjures up memories from my childhood, playing in this sand that is in all the kids play parks.  Oh how I miss Iceland...


Nice mix....

I came across this very nice home in Spanish Elle Decor, Its the home of Danish
designer Birgitte Rabens.  She has mixed lots of vintage, ethnic bits and classic 
Danish furniture. The result is a very beautiful, interesting home with 
LOTS of personality.



Apartment for sale on the south coast of England

A recent project of mine....  The apartments are small but perfectly formed, so I was instructed to come and create a nice, fresh, Scandinavian inspired interior to show the space off at its best.  I am really happy with the result.

For information please just leave a comment with your email address and I will get back to you :)

 Lymington, UK


Summer house in southern Iceland...


Up in the air somewhere....

I came across this amazing ceramic work and had to share it with you. This Chicago based artist's name is Susan Dwyer - her work is inspired by the clean lines of industrial architecture. I love the muted colours and delicate looking finish of the articles - just beautiful.

Photos: Ben Syverson

..L O V E N O R D I C 

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Family house...

Here are some very nice pictures of a family home in Denmark.  Children are
 what makes a house a home....I cant wait for my house to be like this ;)

Images by: Sofie Helsted Via: Boligmagasinet


and the winner is....

Comment number 30 was picked at random and that comment was from Sinikka! Thanks to every one for all of their comments on this giveaway and remember to watch this space for the next one!

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Summer House in London....

These very cute summer house is in the garden of a South west London address.  I like the idea of a summer house/studio in my garden, where I could just go and work without any interruptions :)

Images via: Light Locations

 L O V E N O R D I C 

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