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I am very proud to have Birkiland join me
on Lovenordic....
This beautiful shop has an amazing selection 
of accessories by Icelandic designers....
They also have a very nice blog

Virtue blanket by Marý (Ólof Maria Ólofsdóttir)

The Black Ram by Ragnheidur Tryggvadóttir

Tools you bake by Hrafnkell Birgisson and Sebastian Summa

Raven with a hook by Ingibjörg Hanna Bjarnadóttir

Butterflies by Bility

Cups by Ragnheidur Ingunn Agustsdóttir

Samurai by Tinna Gunnarsdóttir

Birkiland Manifesto...

We believe that Iceland is unique

We believe that there is an increased need for understanding our past, our identity and our history
We love all the colors of the rainbow
We believe in the intense power of nature
We believe in quality
We believe that design will help create competitive advantage of the nation
We believe in love and respect for all things
We believe in learning from the past, look to the future and still enjoy today
We believe that our home should nourish both body and soul


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