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Madsen - a little piece of Scandinavia in London

I am so happy to welcome Madsen to my blog!
Madsen is a Scandinavian restaurant
located in South Kensington, London.
The interior has a Scandinavian brasserie feel,
with white painted brick walls (I love)
and pale wooden floors...
They have been generous enough
to give me one of their delicious
recipes and I will be posting more
each month!
How exciting ♡♡♡

......and now for a yummy recipe
I can say that I have enjoyed 
meatballs and potato salad at Madsens
...and they are delicious!

“Frikadeller”/Danish pork meatballs

Serves : 4-5 people

Serving suggestion: with cold potato salad for lunch or with red cabbage, 
gravy and small potatoes for dinner

500g Minced veal
500g Minced pork
200g finely chopped onion
3 dl sparkling water
200g flour
3 eggs
1 tbspSalt
½ tbsp Pepper

Start with mixing the veal, pork, onions and salt together for around 
4 minutes using  a mixer. Then add the eggs and mix again so it is evenly
 distributed. Now add the flour and pepper and mix. Finally, mix in the 
sparkling water and put it in the fridge for 1 hour to settle. Panfry 
the meatballs in butter or margarine by turning the mixture into 
round balls – this is sometimes easiest by using two spoons 
and a glass of hot water.



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