I found this beautiful blog some time ago and it visited again today.  
Kjerstis Lykke is full of lovely inspirational ideas from the authors
  own home in Norway. I think this is one of the loveliest nurseries
 that I have seen in a long while and I just had to post about it...

L O V E N O R D I C 

I just had to post this....

was having a look through Dana Van Leeuwen's portfolio
and came across this beautiful townhouse.....
A beautiful family home don't you think?



Townhouse in Amsterdam...

One of my best friends, Clodagh sent me the link to this
 wonderful place in Norway.  We are going to make a
plan to visit for sure...

This image just conjures up a feeling of
absolute wellbeing and beauty....
please could someone teleport me there now?


Canvas Hotel

What more can I say? ....other than....
for getting us into the christmas spirit...


....and some more from Toast

Some beautiful seasonal styling
on this wintery, sunny Monday morning.



White Christmas...

Made by: Pall Gardarsson


...and something christmassy from Iceland...

Well I'm home sweet home again and very happy to be back in this icy cold weather ♥
Whenever I go to Spain, I visit what I think is one of the finest examples of 
modernist furniture, art and architecture exhibitions that I have ever seen...
which is Pepe Cabrera.  It is AMAZING and I could walk around the three floors
 of heaven for hours (fourth floor is where the architects and designers do their magic)
Have a look for your self (some pictures I managed to take myself and some are taken
 off of their website)...and if you are ever in Denia, Spain, take a visit - you will not 
be disappointed.


The heaven that is Pepe Cabrera

I hope you are all having a very relaxing Sunday...
I am off to Spain tomorrow, so I will say bye for now!
Maybe I will pop by in the week to say hello.
I will leave you with some very nice Christmas styling.


Images: via



Getting in the Christmas spirit...

One of the loveliest shops that I've seen on Etsy
I just love the pure, simplicity of Caroline Cólom
Vásquez's designs with such beautiful wording and lettering...

L O V E  N O R D I C


NOMA: Time and Place in Nordic Cuisine. Created by René Redzepi
and Ditte Isager, they have recreated the essence and atmosphere of
award winning (and recognised as top three in the world) restaurant
NOMA in Copenhagen.  This book is on my christmas list
(hello lovely boyfriend ♥) and the restaurant is on my list of
 places to go in 2011....

Published by: Phaidon


A Culinary and Photographic Masterpiece...

I have often talked of her work,
but Ingas ceramic
are too beautiful 
not to share...
especially around christmas!

 Ingibjörg Klemenzdóttir
Reykjavík, Iceland

L O V E N O R D I  C

Angels from the north...

Some beautiful, raw images for you today...

Photos: Pia Ulin


Some room candy by Lotta Agaton

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