This is the second American photographer that I posted about of late...I was just 
all ooohs and aaaahs when looking through Gemma Comas'portfolio. 

What beautiful work ♥


Some eye candy from Gemma Comas...

Just to add to the cosy post yesterday, here are some lovely wintery photos 
from Toast's A/W 2010 catalogue. I love their styling and photography because
 they are rustic, inspirational and use lots of natural materials such as wool, linens
 and wood.  Don't you just love them too?


Some more cosiness coming your way...

Well people this is the time to start cosying up your home ready for the cold 
season ahead.  I just love this weather as my favourite thing to do is to just
 be at home, drinking coffee, watching movies or eating something warming
 and yummy.  I am also starting to prepare for christmas - all the shops have
 their christmas departments open already..I just got a lovely white star with
a light inside from Ikea that will look lovely in my window.  Here are some
 cosy images to get us in the mood :)

Magdalena Bjornsdotter

Kubus candle holder and Crus blanket by Pia Wallen

Fuzzy stool by Sigurður Mar Helgason

Cubic fireplace



Baby it´s cold outside...♥

I like to watch Grand Designs as it always inspires me to build my 
own house one day (My boyfriend and I  have a master-plan 'ideas 
board', full of these dreams!) Well this episode was more inspiring
 than ever as it featured a house build by interior designer 
who has very similar vision and style as me  (although she throws 
more vintage into the mix than I do and a bit more colour).  She 
was inspired by Scandinavian design growing up and has had a 
very successful career, working on a vast range of projects from 
hotels and restaurant to her own house.  I suspect like me - the 
only place that she can truly put ALL of her ideas and preferences
 is her own space.  I LOVE the white painted bricks, cement floor,
 herringbone floor and log burner- 
that is like a little bit of heaven for me!


Corkellis House on Grand Designs last week....

Although I'm not a fan of bright colours, but I felt like being colourful today.
Where better to find an eclectic mix of colour? New York based photographer
  Annie Schlechter's very lovely portfolio of course!


Some colour for you today!

I just discovered Paula Leens webiste, Poetryworld, via Emmas design blog
and thought that the work was so beautiful that I just had to post some pictures....



I do....
his portfolio is amazing and I can't believe I haven't posted 
about this yummy house before....typically Scandinavian and 
very cosy, it is a lovely mix between country and modern - and 
I could just move straight in!

I hope you're having a lovely week...


Don't you just love Per Gunnarsson's work?

How are you on this lovely, cold and sunny day?  The leaves are coming 
down fast and the nights are closing in - we are fast approaching the really 
cosy weather and I just love it.  Maybe time to order those cosy, jersey 
sheets from Swedish store Beach House, that I've been meaning to do for
 the past couple of winters.  A white bedroom for me is the ultimate in ideal bedroom would have pale wood floors, huge windows,
 white walls, white linen, a nice chair and a separate walk in closet - it 
wouldn't need anything else!  Here is a selection from my bedrooms 
inspiration folder.  Enjoy :)

via Living Etc

Via New York Times

Casa Angelina, Amalfi Coast, Italy

via Living with White



A mixed selection of white bedrooms...

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