I have a new crush...Caroline Swifts online shop.  A very beautiful website
 with very beautiful things that have been styled and photographed to 
perfection.  I just discovered it yesterday - I don't know why I have never
 seen her work before as she is based in the UK, but I LOVE it and will
 be adding many pieces to my christmas list.  She creates simple understated
 garments made with natural materials.  The ceramics are just amazing 
(if you read this blog regularly you know I ♥♥♥ ceramics) The porcelain
 rose tags are on my list as are the medio bowls and the bone china spoons.
  Everything is packaged in white or black packaging depending on what
 you have ordered and what works the best with the colours.... 
Her philosophy (to quote)

 "within the collection, there is an over-riding philosophy. all materials are 
natural, all products are made with integrity, often inspired by nature, every
 piece is unique. each item is packaged in an exquisite and original way to 
pass on the pleasure of slow, understated, timeless luxury"


l o v e n o r d i c 

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