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Story Porcelain Lamp

“Once upon a time there was a porcelain lamp called Story. Born in Norway between high mountains and deep fjords, it dreamed of lighting up small wooden houses in the dark forests. With a translucent pattern depicting Norwegian traditions, it warmed the hearts of the travelers it met on its journey.”

A beautiful lamp designed and made by VS design studio and Ida Noemi Vidal, it  tells the story about Norwegian traditions and way of living, focusing on the contrast between the freezing winter and warm clothing and homes.  I love the way they have used the traditional Norwegian patterns used in knitting (very similar to the Icelandic 'lopapeisa') which gives the cold, hard porcelain a beautiful soft expression. This may have just gone into my 'wish-folder' which seems to be growing every day!

Photographs: Kaja Bruskeland

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