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Nordic House...a hidden gem among the better known masterpieces....

Iceland, my mothers homeland is like a magnet to me.  I need to be there every year and if I don't manage to get out there, I can't be totally content until I have.  The nature and people speak for them selves - beautiful in every way.  But the creativity and raw talent is like nowhere else you will ever see - you cannot turn a corner in Reykjavik without stumbling upon a gallery or art studio.

I am going to post regularly about different aspects of Iceland , namely its iconic buildings and architecture, photography and artists....let me know what you think - I'd love to hear your comments!

So here is a post about Nordic House in Reykjavik.  A cultural institution, designed by world famous Finnish architect Alvar Aalto (1898-1976).  It opened in 1968 and houses a library and is a venue for  lectures, exhibitions, concerts and many an activity in the Icelandic cultural calendar.  The house also features an acclaimed restaurant which specialises in 'New Nordic food'. Every day at least 40 newspapers from the nordic countries are flown in to be available to the guests of the Nordic House coffee shop.

Nordic house looks as current today as it did when first built.  It features many of Aalto's signature architectural traits, such as the organic shape of the roof line to reflect the feel of the mountains in the background, also the use of white and wood is strongly apparent in the main building.  In the house, all installed furnishings, lighting and most of the furniture was installed by Aalto himself.

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