The Society inc.

Somewhere that I am desperate to visit (although it's a twenty four hour flight away...)
 is haberdashery meets hardware store, The Society inc.  Created by interior stylist 
Sibella Court in an 1800's corner shop in Paddington, Sydney, the interior decoration
 and it's contents amazingly change 4 times a year...transporting the visitor to different

Dividing her time between New York and Sydney, Sibellas style is eclectic, global
 and inspired by many things...she is a collector of objects found in nature and 
displays them in her incredible unique style.  I just love the fact that there is so 
much to look at...the style is a bit too shabby-chic and cluttered for me, but I 
love that it is very personal to Sibella and totally inspirational.

Here are some pictures of Society inc. and a few shots of her home...

Her new book  which isn't available in the UK yet (I am on the waiting list) 
is called 'Etcetera' and is available to pre-order on Amazon.  I literally can't 
wait for it to arrive....maybe I'll order it directly from the states, I have a 
feeling I'm going to love it - who cares about the shipping :) 



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