Here are a couple of things from Anita's webshop Happinessitself.

When I have kids I am so going to get an indoor swing!

I love the light in this picture...

So I was having a browse through my friends books the other afternoon and 
couldn't believe that I hadn't seen this book before...when I got home though,
 I realised that I had seen Anita Kaushal's work before and had a couple of 
times browsed in her webshop. Her book inspired me as it is very beautiful 
and is all about happy, healthy family life. It's not surprising that it is one of 
my friend Huldas favourite books!
Anita Kaushal is a product and interior designer, writer and art director. Here
 are some inspiring pictures from her family lifestyle series of books for 
Thames and Hudson and a recent feature that she did in Daily Mail's 

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