I adore ceramics and one of my favourites from Gustaf Nordenskiöld's 
beautiful works is his 'Mallrik' candleholder in unglazed white porcelain.
 They are on my wish list ♥

The 'Bent' wall lamp was a creation from 2002, and next to it the R.p.m...
This Porcelain candle holder is hand-thrown and turned with specific tools 
to create the discs and fragile frills. Unique and one of a kind, available at

'Spin (Flakes)' Beautiful White porcelain bowls by Swedish Ceramic Artist
 Gustaf Nordenskiöld, limited edition, available on 

Photos by Gustaf Nordenskiöld.
'Ekki Rudolph' translated into English means 'Not Rudolph' 
by Ingibjörk Hanna Bjarnadóttir, available at my 

These hooks are by Tinna Gunnarsdóttir and are inspired by 
the whale tooth, available at my

'Raven' Hanger by Ingibjörk Hanna Bjarnadóttir...available at my 

'Cups' and 'Hangers' by Ragdnheiður Ingunn Augustsdóttir, available at my 

So welcome to my design blog, I hope you enjoy reading as 
I enjoy writing...I'm just going to start of with showing some of 
my favourite things...

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