Here we have OPA, thoughtful and simple in design, this plant based restaurant is located in the Levinsky Market in-Tel Aviv.  It was the creation of Vered Kadouri and Craft and Bloom. Seriously wonderful work.


Who knew Ikea's Besta could look so good?

Images: Ikea Livet Hemma.


Yuzu hand soap just arrived in my kitchen / These shelves - oh my / A book for kids about finding your place in the world, the illustration is incredible / On my wish-list / A couple of these would be perfect / Take a peek inside this apartment in Mallorca / Seriously nice place in the desert / Beautiful piece.


I'm sure I've posted about this place before (??!!) so maybe it's somewhere in the archives :/ but hey, it warrants a second posting just because its pretty amazing. Norm Architects designed this collaborative work-space for the people at Kinfolk. Their objective was to create a casual working space that felt more like a home than an office space. Employees even invite friends and family into the space to share ideas. 

"Much like human wellbeing, the essence of our work is found in balance – between richness and restraint, between order and complexity," said Norm Architects. "Our vision is to look beyond sight. We want to create spaces that feel good in every way. "

Images: Dezeen.


Are you looking for a sustainable / earth friendly makeover for your IKEA kitchen? Architects at Lendager Group have designed in collaboration with Dinesen this stunning recycled kitchen for Reform. Dinesen is a Danish family company that have been producing arguably the most beautiful wooden floors out there. The UP kitchen is created from Dinesen's high quality cut offs. 

 “The kitchen consists of cuts that are left when Dinesen has supplied floors to galleries, restaurants, mansions and other premier establishments. Even though that wood has undergone one of the most extensive production process you can imagine it is impossible to completely eliminate waste. It is those pieces that we are able to give new life.”  – reform. 

Images: Reform.


These sectional mirrors / My next book purchase / I have a few of these cotton bags / This abstract print / This would be wonderful in baby bears playroom / An IG feed to follow / Home Tour - The Mushroom House / Coveting this down jacket /


I'm in love with so much in this beautiful 66 sq m apartment. From the tiny mosaic tiles in the bathroom and the pale chevron floors to the clever drawers hidden in the stairs in the kids bedroom. Not to mention that bed. It's truly perfect.

Design: Emil Dervish 


Not far from Stockholm, in the dreamy archipelago (of which I have such romantic dreams) stands this beautiful residence; Ruin Retreat. Yep I could easily spend some time here.

Architect: Lowen Widman
Photography: Erik Lefvander


This book arrived on my door step this morning. It may change my life(!) /
Trying to find the budget for these *sigh* /
My new cleaning system /
This nice original screenprint /
These vests are amazing for layering in this freezing weather /
Check out this place for sale in Berlin. Tempted? /
Beautiful work by Kitty Sabatier /
This is on my wish list /


It's well known that Cos take residence in inspirational buildings around the world and their Istanbul store is no exception. See more here.


Is a happy whirlwind of house renovation (kitchen in progress right now, yes, right now), school application, 4 year old life and forever trying to embrace a more simple, slow life. I think we are there 50% of the time! Oh and today is a good day as it's Sushi Monday.

The above kitchen is a beautiful mixture of oak, brass, white and black. Whilst we're not pursuing such a full on brass concept (Almost went for brass doors), the fundamental colours / materials are pretty much the same - with the addition of some large veiny marble. Seriously. Cannot. Wait.

Image: Multiform 


WARNING: Stunning property discovered and photo-bomb ensues. It's what happens when you find something so special that you have to post every photo.

Designed and created by Faulkner Architects, the beautiful structure sits amongst the wild nature in remote California. The premise of the brief was "to not hurt the boulders" and the result is a meticulously designed home that floats inconspicuously above the terrain. Now you understand why I posted a million photos, right?

Read more here.

Design: Faulkner Architects
Photography: Jo Fletcher


My latest book purchase: Chasing Slow /
This belt bag for keeping everything close /
It's all about the Ramen /
This sculpture /
These simple earrings are just perfect /
Check out the Wabi-sabi collection over on Est magazine /
Thinking about this hanging system for our entrance hall /
My aim this week is to master sourdough baking.  Wish me luck :) /


Currently coveting the beautiful Hotaru pendants by Ozeki & Co Ltd.


My shiny new store is growing nicely with products and after a super busy Christmas period, watch this space for beautiful new pieces to land.  Free UK delivery people!

Image: Pia Wallen Cross blanket | Lovenordic Store


This is next on the wish-list for the house. Whilst I'm mindful of not buying things for the sake of it and I'm not sure where I'm going to put it I still absolutely want it. Period.

Image: Skagerak


A shiny new little store is now live on my Lovenordic design site. See here /

This Scandi baking cookbook is on my wish list /

Have you seen Ikea's new marble lamps? /

Will this article persuade you to get a real Christmas tree? We are in the real camp here :) /

LOVE the Echasse vase by Menu in Brass/Smoke; now it comes in Black/Clear. Big tick /

How to have a minimalist Christmas. Sounds perfect to me /

One to follow on Instagram /

Next item for my home /


Such festive cuteness from House Doctor. I've been absent (super busy time - of course), but I'll be back with Monday links shortly *just two days late* :))))

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