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Not far from Stockholm, in the dreamy archipelago (of which I have such romantic dreams) stands this beautiful residence; Ruin Retreat. Yep I could easily spend some time here.

Architect: Lowen Widman
Photography: Erik Lefvander


This book arrived on my door step this morning. It may change my life(!) /
Trying to find the budget for these *sigh* /
My new cleaning system /
This nice original screenprint /
These vests are amazing for layering in this freezing weather /
Check out this place for sale in Berlin. Tempted? /
Beautiful work by Kitty Sabatier /
This is on my wish list /


It's well known that Cos take residence in inspirational buildings around the world and their Istanbul store is no exception. See more here.


Is a happy whirlwind of house renovation (kitchen in progress right now, yes, right now), school application, 4 year old life and forever trying to embrace a more simple, slow life. I think we are there 50% of the time! Oh and today is a good day as it's Sushi Monday.

The above kitchen is a beautiful mixture of oak, brass, white and black. Whilst we're not pursuing such a full on brass concept (Almost went for brass doors), the fundamental colours / materials are pretty much the same - with the addition of some large veiny marble. Seriously. Cannot. Wait.

Image: Multiform 


WARNING: Stunning property discovered and photo-bomb ensues. It's what happens when you find something so special that you have to post every photo.

Designed and created by Faulkner Architects, the beautiful structure sits amongst the wild nature in remote California. The premise of the brief was "to not hurt the boulders" and the result is a meticulously designed home that floats inconspicuously above the terrain. Now you understand why I posted a million photos, right?

Read more here.

Design: Faulkner Architects
Photography: Jo Fletcher


My latest book purchase: Chasing Slow /
This belt bag for keeping everything close /
It's all about the Ramen /
This sculpture /
These simple earrings are just perfect /
Check out the Wabi-sabi collection over on Est magazine /
Thinking about this hanging system for our entrance hall /
My aim this week is to master sourdough baking.  Wish me luck :) /


Currently coveting the beautiful Hotaru pendants by Ozeki & Co Ltd.


My shiny new store is growing nicely with products and after a super busy Christmas period, watch this space for beautiful new pieces to land.  Free UK delivery people!

Image: Pia Wallen Cross blanket | Lovenordic Store


This is next on the wish-list for the house. Whilst I'm mindful of not buying things for the sake of it and I'm not sure where I'm going to put it I still absolutely want it. Period.

Image: Skagerak


A shiny new little store is now live on my Lovenordic design site. See here /

This Scandi baking cookbook is on my wish list /

Have you seen Ikea's new marble lamps? /

Will this article persuade you to get a real Christmas tree? We are in the real camp here :) /

LOVE the Echasse vase by Menu in Brass/Smoke; now it comes in Black/Clear. Big tick /

How to have a minimalist Christmas. Sounds perfect to me /

One to follow on Instagram /

Next item for my home /


Such festive cuteness from House Doctor. I've been absent (super busy time - of course), but I'll be back with Monday links shortly *just two days late* :))))


Interview with Jonas Bjerre-Poulsen of Norm Architects /

Simple Christmas styling /

Heavenly Sushi Rolls /

These Snow-boots... /

Such cute stocking fillers for the mini me's /

This would be perfect in my new kitchen /

I would like this bakery at the end of my street for sure /

Elle Deco UK's take on interiors trends for 2019 /


Just look at these stunning interior shots of Jonas Bjerre Poulsen's home on the west coast of Denmark. I posted about this former fisherman's cottage here, but now (although very nice before) there have been some changes and I'll just say *wow*

Images: Jonas Bjerre Poulsen of Norm Architects.


Who doesn't love a concept store? Well I for one love spending a Saturday morning having a browse in an inspirational space. I have plans of my own for some thing in the future, but I'll elaborate on that another time. So for now here's a list of some of my favourites (some visited and some not - yet). Hopefully there's one near you...

But of course; Sukha, Amsterdam. I'd get my retail fix on the weekend when I lived here.
Rikumo, a beautiful store in Philadelphia selling Japanese bits and pieces.
Myconceptstore, Reykjavik. One of my favourite places on Laugavegur.
This list would be incomplete without Merci Merci, Paris.
The Hambledon. A local(ish) store for me.
El Paracaidista, Madrid - on the list.


Some wonderful mid-century inspiration for you this morning! A very nice apartment located in Milan.

Read more here.


Best Ice cream in London (and no I'm not biased because it's Icelandic) /

Would you live in a floating city in the sky? Listen here /

My favourite restaurant in Amsterdam /

Get the look. How to do indoor greenery /

Raw cake. A BEAUTIFUL book. Buy here /

I love this French brand. Check out their bedlinen and napkins /

Delicious new arrivals at Cos /

No ordinary apartment by Annabell Kutucu /


I've been working with these products from back in the day when I worked for a Danish furniture store in the UK (Ahem maybe 17 years ago.......) Menu was going strong then and today - well it's an even bigger story. The products are simply stunning, completely modern and was truly one of the favourite brands in my own store (btw now moved on to lovely new owners).

Images: Menu.


A beautiful piece of solid brass in the form of an oil burner. Yes please.

Image: Aesop.


Just received our first one of these and wow, yes it's stunning /

Curious about where I live? My life on the beach. Here /

NEXT on my wish list; the Stoff Nagel Candle Holder. But the question is Brass or Black? /

Intend to book ourselves in here for some R + R /

Cabinet love /

When living in Haarlem (NL), we lived almost opposite this studio. BEAUTIFUL leather goods /

I'm always partial to a cinnamon bun. Tried and tested recipe here :) /

I will buy this. I will. I will. I will /


As you regular readers know, I am renovating this big old house (AKA a money pit) and we are getting closer to ordering the kitchen (finally). There are so many options out there, but these guys really stand out for me. They customise Ikea kitchens and yes I hear you saying but it's still an Ikea kitchen inside right? Well not necessarily. Reform CPH are now offering (currently in Denmark only - but hopefully everywhere else soon) wooden drawer interiors, which will make the whole thing look even more beautiful. Win - win for me, now I can really start planning :)

Images: Ordrup Næs in Odsherred, Denmark, from Reform CPH with thanks.


What are your plans today? Felix has gone to nursery in a dinosaur skeleton outfit and I am spending the day working with lots of hot coffee. May hop into town for a quick brunch here. Kind of our second home.....

Image: Found here.


Dreamy Bedlinen for winter which is around the corner (actually it's already here, it's freezing).

Check out this wonderful apartment in Gothenburg.

Looking for some environmentally friendly paint? Take a look at Eico Paints.

Pumpkin ice-cream? I'll let you know how it tastes :)

Yep this is me.

Minimal style renovation for this London family home.

Take time out and listen to the Nordic Traces Podcast Series.

One to follow on Insta.


Brass pieces by Takuya Nishimoto. In love. That's all.

Images: Analogue Life.

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