Wow this year has flown by. Are you getting ready for Christmas? I feel like I'm not at all organised this year! We made an advent calendar which is full of lovely little gifts - our little bear is so excited to wake up each morning, it's too cute. I need to make my Christmas cake, cookies, and we need to try and find our christmas decorations, which are buried somewhere - we are living between our small apartment and storage (while we look for a house) and I have no idea where they all are!

Are you all organised? Please make me feel better and tell me you're as disorganised as I am :)

Image: By me.


  1. wow very nice..happy new year...2017

  2. Hello, oh yes i am the same. Always there in december is the most work in the office where i work and i have no time to make christmasdecorations, cookies etc..... And time past so quickly!
    But in the end everything will be in it's way how it has to be. merry christmas! x

  3. Anonymous21:57

    Not at all, I try to prioritize things...

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