Wow I love this place, it's very almost perfect. It's inspired me to use some more pastels and less contrast in my new place. Talking of new places, we are house hunting like crazy - nothing seems to fit for us. I guess when we walk in to the right one, we will know. Until then it's back to our old apartment for a few months - with three of us now, plus a cat, it's going to be cosy to say the least :)

Images: Via, with thanks.


  1. so calm and beautiful! Love the floor too, I wish I had it in my flat!
    Good luck with your house hunting!

  2. Wow, this apartment is nothing short of beautiful. I personally enjoy the simple style of using the primary color of white and accenting the rooms with wood textures or the color black. I think this apartment looks exceptionally appealing & the floors were a perfect choice for this apartment.

    I'm not sure the exact name for this style, but I think it's both unique and minimalistic. Thanks for taking the time to share these pictures!

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