Wow it's here. 2016. It's just unbelievable, how time passes.  So Happy New Year lovely readers! Did you have a good holiday break? Mine was just lovely. Lots of family and friend time - just perfect :)

I'm not going to write a long list of new years resolutions, because throughout the year I'm always trying to improve, be more efficient, get fitter, perfect everything a little more! The list goes on.....  But one of my aims is to post more often. My blog takes a hit when I have lots going on (evident in this past advent giveaway). Now is one of those times as the shop is really busy and I am working on a couple of interior projects. It's all good and I am very lucky, but my blog is such a major part of my personal and professional life, that I have to give it some love! So lovely people, thanks for sticking by whilst the posting has been sparse. I endeavour to serve you better!


  1. wishing you also a very happy healthy and safe new year!

  2. Great post regarding Happy New Year. It is really special day because all relationships are important tin our life and on new year, we get a chance to live some memorable moments. So, I want to wish you a very happy New Year. Cheers.


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