Spotted this gorgeous image the other day - I love that Tipi (Felix has a similar one) and of course the Cross blanket is a beautiful addition (that's the large one....).  Pia Wallens Cross blankets are selling as well as ever and we have new stock in for the festive season when it all goes a bit crazy!

Pia Wallen Cross Blanket - Available at Story North with fixed price shipping worldwide.


  1. This space looks so cosy, I just want to curl up in there and read a book!

  2. There is beauty in simplicity of monochromatics.
    That's the style I would like to create in my daughter's room. Plus some of buubok's knitted products in.
    Thanks for inspiring.

  3. !Fantásticos ambientes¡ Con buenas fotografías, me encantan. Muchas gracias por compartirlos con todos/as.


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