Anyone that knows me will tell you that I love to cook. I spend a lot of time in the kitchen and really enjoy it - it relaxes me. I need one of these. I cook lots of Middle Eastern/North African dishes, my favourite being chicken with preserved lemons and olives (had it for the first time in Marrakech).  This beauty is on my shopping list and it won't be long before I'm cooking in my new tagine.

So it's nearly the weekend....I have a busy one here in Haarlem - then its back to UK for a while. What are your plans? Relax...? Adventure...? Vacation...? Whatever it is...enjoy :)

Available at: Oggetto

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  1. More than a year I am now a happy tagine- cook. you can cook so much diffrent meals, it's worth the money! And it is not mutch.
    Now we have a small collection of various sizes for various uses. I love cooking with tagines ;-)
    Have fun with your Tagine soon!

    Best, Patricia


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