I can't get enough of Japanese interiors (and exteriors) and it's unbelievable to me that I still haven't managed to get there.  But Japan is on the list and it will happen. It's a baby-friendly place, so we can reserve that trip as a family one.  Lots of travelling is on the agenda in the coming year, mostly with Felix, but maybe a few days here and there just James and I.  Grown-up, couple time is very precious and I absolutely love it, plus it gives my mum the chance to have Felix to herself for a few days and she loves that :)

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Felix Bears first hard sole shoes! He has a few pairs of Mocasins, but these are going to be really great for the next few months as he is walking (aided at the moment) everywhere. They are made by Dutch brand Donsje and I just love them.

Image: By me


A new regular post, I think :)  Hopefully it will be a great way of showing you some favourite pieces from my shop Story North. Also it's good to let you know about any special offers or promotions.

So we begin with the Wood Lamp by Muuto by Taf Architects. I just love this lamp, so simple and so cool. We sold a few to an architects office this week - I'm sure they look great :)

Wood Lamp by Muuto£135.00


So my baby bear turned one last week! It's a cliche, but wow doesn't time fly when you're having fun :) We celebrated here in the Netherlands with a few of his little friends and then we had a birthday party back in the UK. It was so much fun, he enjoyed it but was slightly serious because his first tooth broke through the next day! What an amazing year this has been, I'm so excited to see what happens next.


A quick post whilst baby bear is sleeping :)

I'm still(!) trying to master the balance between having a career and being a mom. It's tough right? Trying to keep to my work challenges (and taking on new ones - am I mad?!?), along with taking care of the house and a (fast approaching one-year-old) baby boy.  That, with going to the gym (fallen down a bit here) and trying to look like my pre-baby self - wow - it takes a lot of work.  I was also studying, but you know what? That had to give. I just couldn't do it all, so it's on the back burner for now :)

I've also come to the conclusion that not everything has to be perfect. Some days will be great and other days not so great. And that's okay.

So here is a stunning place in Brittany that I found over on Est magazine. Don't you just love that Vipp kitchen?

Images: Est with thanks


Anyone that knows me will tell you that I love to cook. I spend a lot of time in the kitchen and really enjoy it - it relaxes me. I need one of these. I cook lots of Middle Eastern/North African dishes, my favourite being chicken with preserved lemons and olives (had it for the first time in Marrakech).  This beauty is on my shopping list and it won't be long before I'm cooking in my new tagine.

So it's nearly the weekend....I have a busy one here in Haarlem - then its back to UK for a while. What are your plans? Relax...? Adventure...? Vacation...? Whatever it is...enjoy :)

Available at: Oggetto


These beautiful prints by Gregory Beauchamp are new in at Story North. I ordered one a while ago and decided that they are so beautiful they just had to be part of the collection.

Available at: Story North


I've been looking for birthday cake ideas for Felix's first birthday and I came across this gorgeous one. I really don't like those cakes that have the hard icing and all sorts of things sat on the top made of that same icing - surely not nice to eat..... No, I love the natural, rustic style of this one with soft buttercream. Maybe I'll do two layers and yes we have plenty of zoo animals :)


Already pre-ordered - Kinfolk Home is undoubtably going to be stunning and is out in September.


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