This divine home landed in my inbox this morning courtesy of Est Magazine, so I simply had to share. A small but absolutely beautiful space, created by Meme Design.

Days where I get to sit and post are getting few and far between as I'm still trying to master the art of juggling life! I'm getting there and my goodness the journey is tiring but too wonderful for words. It's Friday lovely people - Do you have that Friday feeling? Enjoy!

Images: Est Magazine
Photography: Tom Blachford & Sonia Mangipane


  1. It`s just perfect...

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  3. Anonymous13:17

    Wonderful! The house looks amazing and the monochrome scheme is 'the cheery on the cake' of the house design. Just perfect.

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  5. absolute perfection! I’m a big believer of the monochromatic approach for interiors and I love how this house incorporates bold pops of colors and textures, particularly those rich wood tones. I especially like the bedroom. Who knew black walls could look so inviting…. A big thumbs up


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