Yes, it's about time I spilled the beans! .......We're expecting a baby in September :) We're absolutely ecstatic as we've had a very long journey. We've spent four years having treatment and getting nowhere and then out of the blue, a natural surprise!  We couldn't believe it (and still can't to be honest) and are just so happy to get so lucky.  I'm 16 weeks this week and finally starting to feel a like a human again! Now you'll understand why I've been a bit absent :)

So I've not really posted much baby stuff on here before (not through not wanting too...but have had no reason), but of course this is a very exciting time in my life now, so expect a few (or maybe more than a few!) things here and there.

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  1. Anonymous01:14

    That is wonderful news, congratulations to you both. Very exciting times ahead!

  2. Congratulations!
    That's wonderful news and I'm so happy for you :) (in the beginning of that same long journey myself)

    And can't wait to see more baby stuff posted, haha.

  3. Many congratulations! Just coming back to my favorite design blogs after having wandered away for about a year and a half due to ... the birth of my son! Love that striped onesie.

  4. Congratulations! A baby brings such joy to your life!

  5. Fantastiske nyheter! Dette har jeg håpt på for dere så lenge, kjære E! Lykke Lykke! SÅ glad på deres vegne. Jeg feirer spiren i mors liv m et lass gode tanker herfra. Stor klem fra Åpent hus ❤❤❤������

  6. Congratulations! So, so happy for you:-) xox, G

  7. Thank you for all your lovely comments xoxo



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