Feeling naughty? Well it is almost the weekend! I love Friday nights, it's such a nice time of the week. It's time to RELAX! What are your plans this weekend? I will spend some of it working (as I am crazy-busy) and the rest will be spent drinking lots of coffee, baking, watching some movies and taking a big walk on the beach. Happy whatever-you're-doing :)

Image: Karl Petersson
Styling: Ólöf Kakobína Ernudóttir


  1. Flott bilde:-)))
    Hvilken mal bruker du i blogspot, for å få så store og flotte bilder?

  2. thank you :) i use the ethereal template - but that doesn't really mean much, i have adjusted my margins to accommodate and just save my i mages at 700px and publish them "actual size"

    glad helg! :)


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