I love this, I know I keep saying it "I love this pared down, rustic feel" but hey
 isn't it gorgeous? The beautiful aged planks in this place are by Corvelyn. Love.


  1. I am really glad I came across this article because I love the rusted interior design style. My family and I are very country so I try to model our house like that. I love the staircase in this house, it is so unique. It is amazing how the steps do not have a base and they just project from the wall. I would like to build a Spiral Staircase that connects my back porch to the patio sometime in the future. I think it would look so nice.

  2. This is beautiful, so calm and fresh.
    I've always been a fan of strong and bright colors, but the more I see this kind of interiors, the more I like it.


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