Random I know, but I just wanted to ask if everyone is able to see my posts okay?
I've had a message to say that in Internet Explorer, my posts run off the page or look
broken up.  Is anyone else finding this on here? If so, could you (pretty) please email
me a screen shot to info@lovenordic.co.uk as I would obviously love to get this fixed!

I am a Safari/Mac user and it looks fine from my end :/

Thank you!


  1. It looks fine on my computer, both in explorer and chrome. Have a lovely Sunday!!

    Victoria - A faded palette

  2. Hi Samantha-
    I am a Firefox/Mac user and all is well on my end!
    Mary Jo

  3. We see it just fine. Hope this helps!


  4. Thank you for your comments! I am trying to work through this but no-one else seems to see a problem.... :/


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