I have picked these spaces because I think that they are beautiful, but from the
images, I can't see how practical they are.  In my work, I need lots and lots of
space and storage; I have boards, files, drawings, to do lists and magazines all
over the place, so it is essential that I can tidy up and put everything somewhere
at the end of the day  (that is what I'm supposed to do, doesn't always happen!)

Images: via, via, via, via, with thanks.



  1. Beautiful work spaces! I am with you, I really need a sparkly clear work space (and somewhere to put my afternoon tea and chocolate biscuit!).

  2. To have a working space that meets your needs as well as your clients needs is very essential, I think people neglect this in general and that they undervalue how important it is to have a positive experience and work everyday.

  3. Creative Work you have done really interesting and your experience shown in you work thanks for sharing such a fabulous post of office design


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