....I am in a cooking mood and am going to make something warming and nutritious
for my sick boyfriend (man cold). I am fighting the temptation to have a day pottering
on the computer, blog surfing, searching for inspiration and maybe sending the odd 
email, but unfortunately I have the mundane task of completing my tax return and one
 of my new years resolutions was not to leave it to the last minute *sigh*.

Here is some kitchen inspiration for you today.  I am soon to have my kitchen finished;
 I know, it's been ages! but we are nearly there.  I've just decided on the tiles for the floor
 and I am very happy with my decision.  As my apartment is over 100 years old,  I want 
to install a kitchen that combines modern function with an old worn-in look too.  This is
 what I achieved in the bathroom...sometimes people don't know if we installed it new or 
if it's the original - Mission accomplished!   I will post some shots on my Instagram soon :)

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  1. Must remember to make a mental note...this is exactly how I want my kitchen! Particularly the tiles, beautiful subway chic. I love how it makes rustic seem almost clinical in such a pretty way. Pat on the back lady you have done well! x


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