Are you enjoying the holidays?

Well... I'm relieved to be sitting back at my desk!  I've missed posting random 
content and didn't quite realise how difficult a daily advent calendar would be, 
mostly because I was busy visiting my family in Iceland and was not sat in my
 chair at home, where I find it the easiest to work :) Whilst over on Emmas blog,
 I saw her amazing giveaways (there is still one running so pop over to enter) 
and must say that her idea of just 4 advent giveaways feels like a great idea. I 
will be super organised next year.  Talking of organised, I am in the process of
 getting things in place for the new year.  It is always nice to have everything 
fresh and in order for the coming year.  I have lots of study to finish and my 
taxes to get done *sigh*, so I'd better get to it :) Here is a nice wintery mix of
images from Pinterest for you on this wet, windy afternoon (well here anyway) 

It's a perfect day for staying at home ♥



  1. Katie White21:37

    Your 'Daily Advent Calendar' idea may have been a little more difficult and tricky than you first thought, but it was a fab idea and I for one am very grateful for you running it.

    I love the star that I was lucky enough to win it's taking pride of place in our hallway.

    I hope that you managed to have a great was well deserved I'm sure!

    Katie White

  2. Good on you for attempting and finishing a daily Advent giveaway. Especially at this time of the year most people don't even get their emails open. Congratulations on going with your inspiration.


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