from Stylizimo blog featuring a very beautiful blanket that she purchased from our store 
Story North. Yes the Cross blanket by Pia Wallen is a very special item; it is absolutely 
stunning, it's very large and very cosy.  I have one and I love it, we are also going to get
 the baby version for our cat Rufus as he keeps stealing ours. I don't blame him, it' so cosy :)



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  2. Black and White is my favorite combination. They never lose in time. This is just beautifully organized. It really is cozy and relaxing by seeing the photo. I want to have some of this soon.

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  3. Anonymous19:34

    I just bought the Cross blanket! Can't wait!

  4. I love it! ♥
    I have made a reference to your post on my post today about the cross blanket.
    check it out and see what you think.


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