This morning I am very happy to welcome my newest sponsor to this blog!
Rough Linen is a US based company founded by Tricia Rose...

Here is her story:
"My name is Tricia Rose. I found this homespun, hand sewn linen pillow slip while I was clearing my grandmother's cottage in Scotland. It was made by her great-grandmother, in 1840, and was in regular use for three generations.

When it came to me I used it to store lavender. Years later, by good fortune, I found a natural linen with the same wonderful texture and feel, and I decided to make bedding in this simple, elemental tradition.
I wanted the feeling of connection, appreciation of good materials and handiwork which is part of my heritage, as part of my everyday life .
I hope you love it as I do. With care, it should last a hundred years."

I definitely have a thing for beautiful bedlinen and I must say that Rough 
Linen is selling something really special......

....On my wish list :)

L O V E N O R D I C 


  1. Just discovering your blog.....I'm in love!

  2. ooo, fab sponsor, on my wishlist as well!
    x kat

  3. Tricia makes just fabulous things ... and linen is defintitly my favorit material for bedding. Love it!!!
    Great new sponsor! Congrats!


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