I have just returned from a week in Spain with my lovely in-laws so just a quick post.
I am now knee deep in boxes as we move on Saturday.  I'll try to post as much as I can....
I Love this....




  1. Where in Spain have you been? I would never say the chapel in the picture is spanish. It has that nordic touch - it's very simple, built from concrete and glass. Beautiful!

  2. I have ben in Valencia. I would never say that the chapel in the picture is Spanish either....It is in the international airport in Latvia!

  3. Ah, okay Latvia explains a lot :) I thought it was in Spain since you mentioned you've been there. Valencia is a beautiful city, if I was living in Europe I would definitely go there more often

  4. I was recently in spain also! but i visited Seville and Malaga.. i'd love to go to Barcelona and Madrid!



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