Why Scandinavian? Because they create the world best outdoor clothing which has evolved from their environment.  I often see kids here in England dressed really badly in the winter - that is if they are allowed out to play in bad weather!  In Iceland (and the rest of the nordic countries), kids are playing out in all weather, decked from head to toe in  snowsuits/waterproofs.  There is a saying in Iceland that goes something like this.....
"There is no such thing as bad weather, just bad clothes"

Well my lovely readers, take advantage of the great kids clothes that one of my sponsors, Raindrops has to offer! They have a 4 day winter sale that starts today with up to 50% off.



  1. all of my kids have this waterproof rain jackets. ( same as on your picture)
    we love it !


  2. Samantha - I have the same thoughts every time we leave the house. Heading to school - my boys are in Russian winter coats with lined boots, warm hands and full hats. While their classmates sniff and pull on their mom's gloves saying they're cold in just a t-shirt! Love the quote - so true.

  3. joanna rusher17:46

    Fabulous post! Thanks.
    Oh and the previous one too - what a cool kitchen and dining!

  4. Well you have a point here!

  5. That is so true! Kids (and adults too!) can enjoy the cold weather as long as they are properly dressed for it. Cheers!


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