I am so ready for winter! But here in London the temperature doesn't seem to want to go down.  I know people think I am strange because I prefer the winter months, but to me there is nothing more beautiful than the sun shining on a crisp frosty morning, or a blanket of white snow making everything look just a little bit more beautiful ♥

Here is some very nice inspiration from a Norwegian summer house and even though this is obviously shot in the summer, the logs and fire-pit conjure up some lovely thought of cosy nights in with your loved ones... happy Sunday to my lovely readers :)

House by: Architects: Marianne Løbersli Sørstrøm, Yashar Hanstad
Images: Pasi Aalto


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  1. It's amazing how near the house is to the water, it's literally right on the doorstep - love it. Seeing pics of the summer houses on your blog makes me want to start saving up for one of my own...even before I buy a first house for everyday living!

    I hope the weather in London cools down soon too as I just hate this humid period at the end of summer when it's neither hot nor cold, it's just sticky until autumn kicks in fully. Autumn is my favourite season so it can't come too soon for me!

  2. Anonymous05:06

    Clever & beautiful with the windows. Great pics, thanks:)

  3. Enjoy the good temperatures while you may. It is chilly this morning in Norway and I'd gladly swap with you. We have also been stacking firewood ready for the winter - which may be coming quite soon.


  4. The first picture is just stunning!

  5. agree!!!! i love winter time too!!!! fed up about the hot weather!!!! beautiful pics!!! have a great week

  6. I am LOVING this! I agree about winter - I love to cozy up in front of a fire and enjoy the quiet, snowy outdoors!

  7. I'm with you, I love the winter months. :-)


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