How are you all? Did you have a nice weekend? I had a great one, 
it was my birthday on Saturday (35 years old!) and I spent it with 
James just pottering around London - we were exhausted by the
 end of the day!

I came across this artwork the other day and thought I would share.
  Its by Norwegian artist Ørnulf Opdahl.  I think his work (which is
 often inspired by the raw Norwegian nature), is just beautiful.

"Havlys" 2004 Ørnulf Opdahl



  1. happy belated birthday! It looks dark but detailed and interesting would definitely look good against a white background thanks for this!

  2. It's gorgeous. He lives in my area. I actually know him! :)
    His paintings are just stunning. I am saving for one - needs to be big! :)

    My brother has a whole bunch of them.
    A big one in house paris apartment, for ex.

    best wishes
    Open house blog, <norway

  3. Hi Apent hus, thanks for the link and yes it looks beautiful in your brothers apartment. I am saving for one of these artworks too. Love your blog by-the-way!

    Best wishes from London :0)


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