You have probably heard or read about this hotel as it's Philippe Starck's latest hotel project in Paris.  We booked in for a couple of nights on and just loved it.  There was lots of concrete, cocktails and dim lighting...just great.  Our room was nice, great little touches like the Apple Imac on the wall and yummy Kheils toiletries....the only thing was that it was SO hot! The air conditioning didn't seem to cut through it. But that would be my only complaint.  We trekked around Paris and spent the first night collapsed with very good pizzas (from the pizzeria downstairs), a bottle of red wine and a movie. The next night we stayed out a little later ;)



  1. I never slept there but went to have dinner, I just loved it ! great place :)

  2. How fun!
    Philippe Starck has really come a long way from his early days of city planning, architecture and industrial design. He seems to have come out of his shell and is more playful and brave than ever.

    Paris is always a good idea isn't it. So full of surprises and joie de vivre. I did a long post on Paris last week as part of a blog series launched by my good friend Anita over at Castles Crowns and Cottages. You'll find it on my blog under 'city guides' (Irresistible Paris).

    x Charlotta


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