Whilst flicking through my monthly issue of Elle Decoration UK, I came across some new-to-me pictures from Ditte Isager.  I just love the raw grey linen and the white painted wall.....These pictures are serene and beautiful, confirming to me once again that Ditte truly is one of worlds most amazing photographers.  Enjoy....

Styling: Amanda Smith


  1. Simply beautiful! Love these too ;) Lena.

  2. Beautiful pictures! Love her photos and your posts as well! :) Have a nice day!

  3. Ditte is a fantastic photographer and these pictures are no exception! Fantastic styling as well. Thanks for sharing, I hadn't seen these before either.

  4. I think Amanda's styling is wonderful.. and Ditty has managed to capture the 'sheerness' so well. White on white with a touch of natural wood is always so appealing and these feel almost etherical to me.

    Just lovely and so soothing for the eye.

    x Charlotta

  5. so pure. so simple. yes! i love it so much.


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