Norwegian “Kjøttkaker”/Meatballs
This month we will keep the food Norwegian inspired and one of the best loved Norwegian dishes are their beef meatballs.....
This recipe serves 4 people.
 500g minced beef, 1 egg, 0.1 l milk, 2 tbsp potato flour, 200g finely chopped onion, season with salt, pepper, muscat nut and ginger powder
How to make:
 Mix the meat, egg, onion, potato flour and spices with a mixer for about 3 minutes. Then add the milk little by little and mix again until you have a smooth mixture. Put the meat mixture in the fridge for an hour. Form the meat to round balls (little larger then a golf ball) and pan-fry them until golden. Following this, you boil them in water for about 10 minutes or until they are finished. They should be cooked all the way through.
 Sieve the water you used to boil the meatballs in. The fry some onions in a pot and once golden pour some of the “meatballs stock” over. Let it boil for five minutes and gradually thicken with flour. Season to taste with salt, pepper and colour with gravy browner.
Serve the meatballs in the gravy and enjoy with new potatoes and seasonal vegetables

With thanks from Madsen - A Scandinavian Restaurant in London




  1. Oh, this looks delicious. I'm making this for dinner tonight.

    But what can be used instead of potato flour?

    And how much milk exactly?

    Australian ...

  2. HI there,

    Thanks for your comments.... I think it means 0.1 litre of milk and if you cant get potato flour, maybe try a mixture of normal flour and corn-four?? Although I'm no chef, this is what I would substitute with :)

  3. Samantha,
    thank you. I'll try that tonight. Funny how the ingredients can be so different throughout the world!


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