How are you all today?
Sorry if my posts have been a bit sporadic
but I am still waiting for the internet to be connected
in my new place
It is SO annoying to not be online, its driving me nuts!
Okay so I am in the process of arranging my home
office and have just ordered a lovely piece
of Oak for my desk top that I am going to arrange
along one side of the room.
Now I just need some Eames chairs.....
Here are a few shots that I have had in
my inspiration folder for a while....enjoy!

 ● please click on the photo to find the source ●



  1. beautiful second pic! love how bright this office is!

  2. Love this post! I want Eames chairs too!!!!!!!!!!!

  3. Very creative. I would want to see this too in my own house I purchased form the home finder


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